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'Mineternia' describes the Eternia of the original Masters Of The Universe mini-comics (1982-83), and my first eight stories are based on those enigmatic barbarian adventures. Following the minicomics, infant Prince Adam is raised to manhood by a race of jungle warriors and, through tournament, becomes their champion, ..He-Man! Armed with the strength of a god and the mystical Sword of Power, he joins forces with the heroic soldiers of Eternos--Duncan, Teela, Stratos and the rest--fighting to keep Skeletor, the Lord of Destruction, from using the cosmic secrets of Castle Grayskull to conquer Eternia.



He-Man Of The Vines

In a tavern, Prince Adam of tells the sad tale of how the Vulnarian warriors met their untimely end and swears vengeance on Skeletor. This introduction to my first, six tales is set after the adventure in He-Man and the Power Sword. (2003, Originally published as The He-Man)


Priests Of Infinitias

To reunite a father and son, He-Man hunts down the evil warriors of Snake Mountain, when he finds Trap-Jaw is enslaving Eternians to use in the mines of Sybronn. This story, lost in a friend's garage for over a decade, won me the 2010 Procrustus Award for Mineternian fan fiction. (1998, Based on He-Man Meets Ram-Man, by Gary Cohn)


Demonking Of Grayskull

Skeletor steals He-Man's Sword of Power and invades Grayskull, where he uses the castle's mystic secrets to pit Captain Teela against He-Man in a fight to the death. Before its full restoration in 2005n 2002, almost all of it was scrapped for use in The Tale of Teela. (2005, Based on King of Castle Grayskull, by Donald F. Glut)


The Tale Of Teela

Eternos seeks He-Man's help, when the shrines to the Warrior Goddess fall silent, and Captain Teela disappears, as Skeletor and the Priests of Infinitias attack Eternia. (2002, Based on The Tale of Teela, by Gary Cohn)


The Ordeal Of Man-E-Faces

When the warrior-goddess Evil-Lyn demands a sacrifice, Skeletor turns an actor into a weapon of mass destruction and the secret of Grayskull's dark origins is revealed. (2004, Based on a story by Gary Cohn)


Adam And Sword

To rescue a captured princess, a young Adam of the Vulnarians ventures into the furnace of the gods ..alone -- and no, he is not called He-Boy anywhere in this story! (2004, Based on He-Man and the Power Sword, by Donald F. Glut)


Tomb Of The Magic Stealer

Skeletor turns Eternia's natural magic into demonic energy, and a familiar Sorceress summons He-Man into a mirror universe, where he must prepare a teenaged prince, named Adam, for the battle to end all battles. (2005, Based on The Magic Stealer, by Gary Cohn)


Raiders Of Point Dread

When Skeletor and Evil-Lyn attack Eternia with giant mutant ants, an army of bloodthirsty orcs AND the Talon Fighter, He-Man and a pegacorn-riding amazon wage all-out war in the skies to save mankind, and House Freenorn's greatest secrets are finally revealed! (2010, Based on The Power of Point Dread , by Gary Cohn)


The Vengeance Of Xena

Holding Gabrielle's life in the balance, Ares hires Xena to slay the Goddess and take her eyes, putting her in mortal combat with the Most Powerful Man in the Universe. This story, the first of the Tales series, was originally published on a Hercules/Xena fan fiction site and will likely never be rewritten. (1997, Based on Xena: Warrior Princess TV series and The Vengeance of Skeletor, by Donald F. Glut)





In the spirit of the We're Not Afraid Campaign, I will be writing all new stories under my birth name, Stephens (much to the embarrassment of my family, most certainly).


Morte DíAdam

To save his world, in this epic tale of Adamís final days as Eternia's king, unlikely alliances set him upon a dark, deadly journey into the shadows of the mysterious Celestial Church and even into Grayskull, as Eternia races toward Ragnavarok! Scaled down from its once untenable proportions, it is no small miracle that Morte D' Adam ever saw completion. Some of it has already been scrapped and retooled for use in Raiders Of Point Dread, it has, once before, in a Conan fan fic I wrote, entitled Breath Of Dagoth, which never felt entirely authentic to me, even as a Howardian pastiche. To collaborator and friend, Kirk Trigon, I am eternally grateful. 


Three Men In A Wind Raider

What happens when Man-At-Arms climbs into a wind raider with a flask of Iron Mountain ale and two bitter rivals for his daughter Captain Teela's affections? Comedy, that's what!


Heart Of The Sorceress

Young Adam returns to the Sorceress's lair for answers to questions he might've asked in Adam and Sword, if he hadn't been so busy losing his bloody virginity. Will he get the truth, or will Boa'Na remain a mystery?


The Tale Of Teela: The Tom-Stone Draft

Once, The Tale Of Teela seemed like the perfect place to introduce Tom-Stone, a stone-skinned boy sidekick I created to replace Orko in my minicomic-inspired stories. To do that, I rescripted parts of my original fic that featured the god Eternos to fit Tom-Stone's origin and backstory, ..and rather unwisely, in retrospect. (2003, Based on A Story by Gary Cohn)


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Very special thanks to Kirk Trigon for his inexhaustible generosity and support - all of the black and white and most of the color graphics were clipped from Kirk's site, Special thanks also to Gary Cohn and Donald F. Glut, the authors of those great minicomics, and also to the definitive Mineternian artistes, Alfredo Alcala and Mark Texeira, whose artwork can be found on this page and throughout my website.


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