I am King Tamask, Guardian Spirit of the Sorceress Teelana's Library! Once, mentor to Prince Adam--now, chronicler of He-Man's lost adventures!

My first eight tales RING with the magic of the He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe TV cartoon and Golden Books! Armed with the power of Castle Grayskull and the mystical Sword of Power, He-Man joins forces with the heroic warriors of Eternos--Duncan, Teela, Stratos and the rest--fighting to keep Skeletor, the Lord of Destruction, from using Grayskull’s secrets to conquer our noble Eternia! Ho, ho! Epic tales for the whole family to enjoy!

And now, fleet, noble Zoar proclaims, “Let the Golden Books come to life!”



Morning Star’s Fall

In a tavern, He-Man tells the sad tale of how the Vulnarian warriors met their untimely end and swears vengeance on Skeletor. This introduction to my first, eight tales is set after the adventure in He-Man and the Power Sword. (With Medusa Moon)


Escape From Castle Grayskull!

Skeletor steals He-Man's Sword of Power and invades Grayskull, where he uses the castle's mystic secrets to pit Captain Teela against He-Man in a fight to the death. (With Medusa Moon)


Ram-Man Unbound!

To reunite a father and son, He-Man hunts down the evil warriors of Snake Mountain, when he finds Trap-Jaw is enslaving Eternians to use in the mines of Sybronn. (With Medusa Moon)


Teela’s Dark Inheritance

Eternos seeks He-Man's help, when the shrines to the Warrior Goddess fall silent, and Captain Teela disappears, as Skeletor and the Priests of Infinitias attack Eternia. (With Medusa Moon)


Hall Of The Mountain King

Abandoning training with, his uncle, King Tamask's wild warriors, young Prince Adam ventures into the furnace of the gods to rescue a captured princess, ..alone! No, he is not called He-Boy anywhere in this story! (With Medusa Moon)


In The Temple Of Shokoti

When the night goddess Shokoti demands a sacrifice, Skeletor turns an actor into a weapon of mass destruction and the secret of Grayskull's dark origins is revealed. (With Medusa Moon)


The Fearamid Of Extreia

Skeletor turns Eternia's natural magic into demonic energy, and a familiar Sorceress summons He-Man into a mirror universe, where he must prepare a teenaged prince, named Adam, for the battle to end all battles. (With Medusa Moon)


Miracle At Point Dread

When Skeletor and Evil-Lyn attack Eternia with giant mutant ants, an army of bloodthirsty orcs AND the Talon Fighter, He-Man and a pegacorn-riding amazon wage all-out war in the skies to save mankind, and House Freenorn's greatest secrets are finally revealed! (With Kirk Trigon and Medusa Moon)


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Mountain Of Hyacles

In the ruins of mythical Gorlot, He-Man discovers the strange fate of Eternia's forgotten war gods and must join forces with the son of Evilseed to stop an apocalypse! (By Medusa Moon)


Night Of The Sorceress

Cataclysmic destruction threatens Eternia, when the Sorceress's battle with the war gods awakens her suppressed rage, and only He-Man's love can end her madness. (By Medusa Moon)


Terrible Stranger

An unfortunate Eternian soldier embarks on an odyssey of horror when he is taken captive by a sadistic necromancer who is apparently incapable of remorse. And who is the stranger's dreaded master? This short story serves as a chilling vision of things to come. (By Drunken Fist)


Lost Tales Of Teela

She is wise mother, devil and avenging angel! The many faces of Mighty Teela come to life in this collection of stories that recall the great classical myths. (By Kirk Trigon)


Tales Of Granamyr's Lair

Be he "wise teacher, wrathful despot or evil genius", throughout the respective legends of He-Man's homeworld, Granamyr personifies man's struggle against overwhelming odds in these three folktales! (By Kirk Trigon)




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