The Seduction Of Jitsu

From a story by Full Fallen Moon

"Impossible," the hooded man hissed from the back of his black and gold, mechanical horse, a perfectly horrific mix of science and barbarism. "You are the scum that single-handedly slaughtered seven of my soldiers? Tell me your name,..before I have you impaled."

Burning behind the hooded thing was the Temple of the Five Dragons of the Moon.

Once the seat of transcendental wisdom in the Dark East and attended by beautiful, young women of noble birth, it had become a house of murder and debauchery. Scattered around the high priestess's hated carcass were the witch-wives of the Luxan dragons, whose charms had been sold to any lusty traveler, who could meet their price. In a zealous frenzy, Skeletor's warriors had raped them all and burned the temple to the ground.

Seeing it burn, the naked prisoner at the hooded man's feet sighed with relief.

"I am called Jitsu," he answered proudly. He was a young, golden adonis, this warrior. Tall, with jet black hair, high cheekbones and dark, slanted eyes. "I owed the temple courtesans a king's ransom. For settling this debt, I thank you,..but I would know what coward dares order my death, who cannot show his face to me..or speak his name?!"

The soldiers surrounding the large, hooded man exchanged looks, and many went for their weapons. None dared more, as doing so might unsettle their hooded lord.

"I am the lord of this land, samurai," the hooded warrior answered, "and of all the high and low lands beyond it. I am the Lord of Destruction,..and you are a piteous thing waiting to die."

"And there are none in all Saban, who oppose you?" the man-child dared. With some difficulty, the soldiers brought the youth to his knees and sent for a stake upon which to impale him.

With a gesture the hooded warrior halted the execution and turned to his armored lieutenant, seemingly confused. Then shifted his eyes back to the youth mistrustfully. "The Darklands, boy. There are none in all of the Darklands, who oppose me or any warrior of Snake Mountain!"

Jitsu knew not what daft god had guided him to these Darklands, and he cared far less.

He would make a go of things here, where at least a man might still conquer other men. "It is called otherwise in the legends of my homeland, but yes--I've heard of Snake Mountain. Like you, it has failed to impress me."

A green-armored warrior with three eyes drew his blade, but sheathed it at the sight of his master's upraised hand.

"And what land is it that breeds a frail, womanish champion such as you?" the man asked, to the bemusement of his mounted company. "How is it that I've yet to spoil such a place--to conquer and destroy it?!"

The golden man grinned. As Skeletor and his henchmen looked on, his right hand doubled in size and turned to solid gold. "I assure you there are none, who might be compared to me,..anywhere."

Skeletor sighed, as though casually bemused. "A golden hand--the mark of the moon demons of Phantos? They will lie with anything these days, it seems. Which was your mother, Jitsu--peasant girl or whore?"

"From whence I've come no longer matters" Jitsu grunted, ignoring the hooded thingís insult. "I will go with you..for now."

"No," the hooded warrior refused. "For now, you will go to Snake Mountain. You're of no use to me in your present condition. Too proud! Too perfect! My men've been too long from city pleasures to find you anything but distracting. When you return to me, you will have been properly groomed for my service--scarred. Broken. For now, you will go."

The wild, golden man screamed, leaping up onto the hooded warrior's horse, only to be caught by the throat in the man's gauntleted hand and flung back to the ground. The soldiers laughed. When he looked up into the hooded warrior's face, he saw that the hood had been ripped away..and what stared back defied all that he knew to be sensible. "What in all of the Nine Hells are you?"

From the crown of his domed head and down into his ornately crafted, shiny, black armor, the warrior's head and neck were sheathed in a grotesque skin of yellowed bone. Looking down at the man-child who called himself 'Jitsu', the skull-faced monster roared his laughter, bemused by his shock. "I am he, whose legend will soon surpass all others. I am Skeletor."

"K-kill me, then--now!" the golden man demanded, as he was subdued by the skull-thing's soldiers. He had heard the legend of Skeletor. "I will not serve the dead! Kill me or let me go!"

"It seems I've impressed you after all, samurai," Skeletor growled, gesturing to his centurions. "Take this fool to Snake Mountain."

The journey to Snake Mountain from the shores of the Dark East was a short one.

At the foot of Snake Mountain thrived the grotesque and sweltering city Serpentis. Once the capital of the Snake Men Empire, the gaudy gold and black marble of the city's ancient glory still shone through the decay. Skeletor's elite warriors had transformed it into an armed camp, where only the strongest and most most bloodthirsty survive brutal contests of strength. There, the most savage and deadly dregs of the Darklands were finely tuned into fearsome, but obedient instruments of destruction.

Overseeing the more subtle aspects of their transformation from her tower sanctum, was the beautiful sorceress Evil-Lyn. She was an olive-toned beauty, sleek as a panther..and tall, for a woman. Firm, round breasts jutted dangerously over curvy hips, beneath which long, artfully shaped legs, bare and hairless, played. Her eyes were perfect ovals marked by thick, wild lashes,..between which violet eyes beguiled like freshly cut amethysts, and many men had lost their minds in them.

News of a handsome, new addition to her master's collection of freaks traveled quickly to her ears, and Evil-Lyn ordered him brought, in shackles, to the seclusion of her private sanctum..for tests, of course. When finally she looked upon this mysterious, golden youth, naked and shackled like a wild beast, her breath was taken fully away. Strength serums had made turned him into a broad, thickly built man with huge muscles. Without a glance or wave of her hand, she dismissed the soldiers, leaving them alone together in the gaudily decorated chamber. "You are Jitsu. I am Evil-Lyn of Endromeda,..second in power to Emperor Skeletor."

It was a curious thing, her introduction.

With the locals and soldiers under her command, no mention of her title would have been needed. This golden man, however, was a stranger..with an uncommonly imperious carriage. As she circled, her eyes never left his, which in kind never lowered from hers. He could see in her face that the introduction was a test -not of his will, but hers.

A test to measure exactly how much pressure need be break him.

"I am told Skeletor procured you on an expedition to Saban,.." smiled this Evil-Lyn, appearing ever so slightly bemused, "in a house of women. Naked. Eunuch slaves go naked in some houses,..but you don't strike me as a slave. This house was a brothel, mayhaps?"

"I wouldn't know," answered the golden youth coolly, as if unaffected by her whimsy.

"What do you mean you wouldn't know?" Her brow wrinkled a little, when she asked - intrigued by his answer, but unwilling to seem so. "Haven't you ever been to a brothel? Are you unknown to women?"

"No," the golden man answered, his face a mask of playful disdain, "nor've I ever met a woman whom I did not know to be a whore,..except one. Including my own mother."

Evil-Lyn stopped circling. Her purple eyes aflame with indignation she did not care to reveal, as doing so would acknowledge that she could be insulted by him - something reserved for equals, which they were not. "It is also said that you killed seven of his company, before being..subdued. I find that hard to believe."

"Come closer," the man-child replied, smiling coyly. "Perhaps, you will find something even harder to believe."

Seemingly disinterested in him entirely, Evil-Lyn carried a pitcher of wine and a silver chalice to the edge of a small, marble pool near her terrace. After setting it down at the pool's side, she loosened her gown to spill around her feet and led Jitsu, shackled at the wrists, into the water. There, she took an off-white cloth from a small basket, poured a perfumed oil onto it and began to wash him.

Silently, he looked on as she acquainted the cloth with every portion of his body,..until not even the most intimate and abject areas of his person had been ignored. Like the embrace, it was intended to make him her property - that he might think of himself as some exotic breed of dog or horse. "Do you personally bathe all of your prisoners?"

"Does it make you feel..special?"

"It makes me feel very special," Jitsu replied. "It makes me feel as though you would not have anyone see me here,..even the fetching, little slavegirls, who bathe your house-guests. As though, I am your secret. Well,..?"

"Well?" the woman smirked, looping his shackled arms around her. Her hands ensnared his waist..and moved down over his haunches, pulling his body to hers and hoisting herself upwards onto his hips with one leg. "Isn't it obvious? One scream from me could get your neck broken,..but I'm not screaming."

Evil-Lyn's firm loins straddling his own, he kissed her..and sounded a hard slap on one of her thighs. Her breath tickled his ear, when she gasped. "How many men have you killed between these legs..for a thrill? I am young,..barely a man in your eyes. Nothing to you, witch. If you wanted my neck broken you'd will it broken,..or you'd try, at least. Why am I here?"

With a growl, her leg ensnaring his upper thigh like a serpent, Evil-Lyn felt the golden stranger's hot breath rush into her face. She parted her lips to catch it, nearly kissing him. "Fool! A man would know why heís here! Are you a man?"

Seizing her hips, he pressed his hot flesh against her loins. "You tell me."

"So, you do want me, eh?" purred Evil-Lyn mischievously. Vulgar triumph curling her lips. Tenderly kissing his lips, she squeezed his arousal in her fist, hoping to hear him squirm. "It is you, who are mine. You don't even know it yet, but you are mine."

"What I want is to take you!" spat Jitsu. The sensual explosion in his young loins cruelly stopped. "Finish this now, witch! Release me!"

Evil-Lyn smiled and kissed him. She could see that lovely Jitsu was still rockhard for sweet release inside her. His mind addled with lust, just as she wanted it!

Perfectly distracting conditions under which to test him.

"I want you, Jitsu,Ē Evil-Lyn sighed, ď--to find something for me! A trophy--lost during a petty insurrection here in Serpentis. It belongs to me! To Snake Mountain."

When Jitsu released his hold on Evil-Lyn, she fell backwards clumsily..into the water. There was a great splash of cool against his body, relaxing the hardness between his thighs. "And to Skeletor?"

"Barbarian scum!" Stifling a hiss, she waded to the side of the small, marble pool and filled her chalice with wine. "I should kill you for that. It's a stupid, little sword--that's all,..and I want it back! Get me back my little prize..and go. Fly, far away from Snake Mountain and me, as you can..with more silver than you can spend in a lifetime! Refuse me..and you will never leave this chamber alive."

Evil-Lyn's eyes narrowed, studying him intensely as she nursed her chalice. The lout was also far cleverer than she had anticipated. She would have to be very careful not to tip him off that she was testing him, as the complexity of the game was about to be increased tenfold.

Jitsu had proven himself to be no oneís fool.

That the most grandiose or sublime of schemes would be childís play with him, Evil-Lyn had no doubt. She also knew that Jitsuís being a thinker would serve Skeletor well in battle. He would move breezily through Snake Mountainís ranks, she was certain. Now, she would test his greed. His ambition. Evil-Lyn knew greed to be the mark of greatness in men. A man without it was worthless to her and may as well hurl himself into a lionís den or bend over to be taken with his women!

"I want gold, woman," Jitsu insisted extending his shackled arms, "-- two bags of gold, each as big and heavy as a wolf's head,..and these off!"

"Oh, stop pretending, you arrogant pig," Evil-Lyn scoffed, laughing. "I am a sorceress! Did you really think to send me fleeing in terror, when I found you'd unlocked them..with some cheap, slight-of-hand trick?"

"Bone-of-rat trick, my little Endromedan," Jitsu corrected her, wrapping his arms around Evil-Lyn from behind. "Your prison guards are very poor housekeepers,..and I was getting bored. Now,..that gold."

The greedy bastard.

If Jitsu proved exceptionally greedy, she might even let him live. He would have to bully her a bit, though.

"One wolf's-head, Jitsu," Evil-Lyn giggled, stealing another sip of wine as a tongue traced her ear. "Not a coin more. When the trophy is mine, I will send a girl-slave to you with your gold. Take them both, if you.."

Before she could taste another, arms spun her around to tremble before two, deep, black lakes. "And you take me for a fool! The girl will be you in disguise,..with a dagger for my heart..or throat!"

Pinned against the side of the pool, Evil-Lyn gasped, vise-like hands closed on her neck and a small chain ensnared her wrists. She saw Jitsu's teeth bared like a mad dog's, and fear paralyzed her such that no spells obeyed her. "You..bastard! Unhand.."

Jitsu hissed, tightening his grip on Evil-Lyn's neck. "Skeletor sent me to you to be tested. If I could not see through your deceptions, he has ordered you to put me to death! Tell me the truth..or I'll kill you."

The chain that only minutes ago had dangled between Jitsu's wrists now bit into Evil-Lyn's,..such that she feared her wrists might break. "Itís true--you've impressed me enough to let you live! Now back off,..and tell me how you knew."

"My mother is the sorceress Kaguya," Jitsu answered, as his right hand turned to solid gold. "My father a moon demon from Phantos. The golden hand is his curse upon me, I think. It is ugly, but indestructible,..and no one may lie to me, who is touched with it. That is how I know you'd have killed me, if I failed! Admit it!"

"Had you shown yourself to be a coward," Evil-Lyn confessed with a sneer, "or hesitated in your willingness to deceive Skeletor, I would have killed you without a thought,..and I'd have been doing you a favor. The meek have no place at Snake Mountain, but as food for the bold! Do you think yourself bold, Jitsu?"

Jitsu released her and casually filled Evil-Lyn's empty chalice with wine. As she looked on, massaging her throat - a glare that might cower devils back into hell - the tall, golden man-child took a long drought from it, before passing the cup to its mistress. "Bold enough, witch. I am here..with you. Consider your talisman found..and ready my gold! Now, let us drink.."

The abrupt stinging of wine in his eyes and a hard crack against his jaw turned the world to a white haze.

Disoriented, Jitsu swung backwards into the water. Before he could recover his balance, he felt hands entangled in his long, dark hair..and his body towed forward, until his head bumped something even harder than Evil-Lyn's fist. At the marble pool's edge, he opened his eyes to find all the treasures of Evil-Lyn's body vulgarly revealed before him. "Another game, woman?"

Reclining on her elbows across the marble tiles next to the pool, the Queen of Snake Mountain threw her head back and laughed,..nearly choking on her wine, as Jitsu crawled between her legs on hand and knee. When he was close enough, she grabbed a fistful of his thick, black hair and drew his pretty bowed lips to hers. Then, laughed again. "When you understand that everything is a game, Jitsu, we'll consider your future here, at Snake Mountain..and with me. Think you've won this one, do you?"

Through with her salty quips, Jitsu kissed Evil-Lyn, grinding his loins upon hers in mock congress,..until she laughed out loud. Then in a panther-like move, he swept one of her legs over a shoulder. "Ask me in the morning. Witch."

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