The biggest fan fiction project I've ever worked on was to be called  Morte D' Adam.

It takes place twenty-eight years after He-Man first left the Valley of Power and the massacre of his immortal warrior tribe by the Dragon of Oblivion.

Man-At-Arms is dead.

Captain Teela of the Royal Guard stalks the realms of the gods.

The evil forces of Skeletor have been destroyed.

Now, in the shadow of a heroic warrior's brutal murder, King Adam's unlikely alliances with his son's warrior-queen lover, Xarta, and with the mysterious Archbishop of Eternos, sorcerer and master of a powerful cult, set the grim monarch upon a wild, desperate adventure to save his world, ..into the darkness sleeping in his own heart!

As Eternia races toward Ragnavarok, will He-Man be forced to destroy its greatest legend save his world?