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Heart of the Sorceress

By T. F. Stephens (Based on characters featured in Mattel's Masters of the Universe)

Far below the grayish pink of Eternia's twin moons, the mossy floor of the Lower Glutnold Forests flooded.

The Teela River swelled over its banks, submerging the thick, green brush there under churning waters up to the crown of a tall man's head and washing away the rocky paths along those banks.

Lord Adam of the Vulnarians had risked much to return to these woods, where the winsome Queen Boa'Na, Zilora of the Snake Clan, had first made him a man. He had lied and stolen to get here, only to find the small hut in which Boa'Na dwelled washed away by raging, murky floodwaters. When he crouched upon the ground just above those waters, his senses were aroused by a familiar and delightful scent he followed into a gouged out place in the rock of a hill, where the sounds of the floodwaters below echoed along its walls ..and where he and his Lady Boa'Na were reunited.

"Wait," Boa'Na panted, as they lie naked together in a shallow cave, ..and close enough that his golden hair hung in the green-skinned sorceress's face. It was a mix of wild, young sweat and freshly fallen rain that ensorcelled her. The ties of her boar-hide collar undone, Boa'Na saw the garment eased from her pale shoulders and breasts. "Wait. Take me to the river. The raging river! Under the moonlight."

"Too far," Adam snarled dismissively, ..kissing her. Her legs already parted around him. Between them an open gate beckoning him to the sensual, mythical fires of manhood. To wholeness. For him, there was no turning back. "Here. Now. Please."

"Beg no more, Vulnarian," sweet Boa'Na growled, when the young savage kissed her again. "Love me. Love me, now."

Adam looked down into the darkness between them and sank into the pale, green warmth of her body. He heard the sorceress gasp and felt the tender rose of her womanhood draw him deeper inside, ..until the aroused organ between his thighs and the whole of his young skin was on fire with the adventure of her-with memory of when last they were joined this way. Adam kissed and suckled her! Felt Boa-Na's wild, white teeth graze his flesh! The urgency of his need overwhelming him, he rushed into her again and again, until...

"Wake, milord," Queen Boa'Na commanded awhile later, kneeling over a small bowl as she washed herself. "Wake ..and speak of that which you think I've hidden from you, Lord Adam--of how I've deceived you."

Stretched out on his back, Adam's mouth wrinkled in that way it always did, when he was expected to eat something he did not care to. It was something he had not yet learned to control, and he quickly straightened his lips, realizing how much he resembled a baby, when he did that. Exhausted, the young barbarian fell onto his back beside her, ..praying the Sorceress would not notice. "Why did you not tell me you were my king's sister, ..when first I came to this house?"

"Do you think I did not know Val-Kun would--of his power to invade minds?" the Sorceress inquired, as she filled another clay bowl with water. For all her power, Zilora Boa-Na could not disguise the interest in her voice,..even from a damned, simple boy. She cursed herself for it. "What did my brother say of it? Of you knowing this?"

"Of it, my lord said nothing," answered Adam, as she washed his body with a warm, wet, white cloth. Already tired of her questions. "I wear the Pelt of Manhood and do as men do, Boa. What need be told?"

"You did not tell him about me, ..did you?" Queen Boa'Na asked, casting an accusing glance down into Adam's face, before returning her attention to his body. "What did you tell him of that day?"

"Should I have told him anything?" the youth asked, folding his arms behind his head, as the washcloth moved up over his stomach and chest. His voice honeyed with feigned innocence. "Val-Kun is dead and his daughter, Glimmer, returned safely to Bright Moon. What more need be told?"

At this, Boa'Na sighed her exasperation. "If you would sit in my house and know my hospitality, Lord Adam, show me the kindness of speaking truthfully to me. You did not tell Simyran that you know me his sister, ..did you?"

"No," groaned Adam. "Had he wished me to know, he would have told me of you many times before our meeting. I did not wish to...I did not think it my place to know. Come lie with me, woman. The thunder returns to my king-getting root."

Queen Boan'Na wrapped herself in a large cloth and laid down beside him. Her head propped up by an elbow, she studied her young adventurer, whose eyes wandered her body like hungry lions. "Your place?"

"To be bold is a great Vulnarian virtue," said young Adam, rolling onto his belly to meet her stare. His folded arms cradling his head. "To be bold is to be like the All-father, ..but, sometimes when I am bold, my elder brothers thrash me. They tell me that I've forgotten my place."

Reaching over Adam, Queen Boa'Na slipped her hand into a large, red jar and pulled out what looked like a small, dismembered twig. Lying down beside him again, she brushed her finger over the tip, and it glowed golden-white, after which she slipped it between her lips and blew a great swirl of smoke into the air around them. "Would it have changed things between us, if I had told you Simyran was my brother?"

"What things?" the Vulnarian mumbled. His face buried between his folded arms. "Are you really nine hundred thousand years old?"

Boa'Na shook her head, annoyed at her wild, young lover's sheepishness. His childishness. "The things that have haunted your dreams, since lying with me in the Temple of the Green Goddess? Might you have been less bold that day, had you known of my kinship to your king? Too fearful of his outrage to follow me into the temple and claim your destiny?"

His face still buried between his arms, Adam groaned. "I've seen my elder brothers with their women. I've watched them from the trees with my friends. Many times. We did nothing I've not seen them do. Simyran will forgive that much, ..won't he? Was that little hut really the Temple of the Green Goddess, ..where the first Heuay Man died?"

Queen Boa'Na sighed and took another drag on her smoking stick.

Over the centuries, the Sorceress Zilora Boa'Na had known many lovers, all of whom had been proud to count her among their conquests. While kingdoms rose and fell at her feet, not once had devotion to a king swayed their desire to be with her. She once considered such loyalty to be a fool's indulgence ..and proof that this wild Dionysus, who played her body's secrets as though they were sweet, ancient music, was more boy, than man.

An unfinished god. Unworthy of her worship.

That the lucky whelp actually feared losing Simyran's love more than her own greatly irritated her. "He will forgive that you wished to know what it meant to be a man with a woman, as all men will. That you feared for your life and wished to know what it meant to be fully a man, ..before you died in battle, on Val-Kun's mountain. As you didn't die, you must tell Simyran the truth."

"Will Simyran forgive that I've made love to you again, today?" Adam asked, turning back to Boa'Na. "That I'll die, if I cannot make love to you again."

Though it pained her to do so, the pale, green woman ignored the whimpering in Adam's voice.

He is a Vulnarian, Queen Boa'Na thought! Though still very much a boy, he has eaten at the feet of the fiercest warriors Eternia has ever seen! She would not coddle him, but, flattered by his infatuation, Boa'Na would make a man of him, yet. "A man would know we have not yet made love today, Lord Adam. He would know that we shared something more basic than that. You boast that you are counted a man of your Valley, Adam. When you are older and a man of the world, you will know the difference."

Though he resisted, Adam's mouth twisted in that way that always embarrassed him. "Basic? You did not enjoy it, then? Lying with me that first time? Pulling my hair and..."

"When you entered my father's forge on Mount Esi-Visu, you acquitted yourself nobly, ..as a man and a warrior," the Sorceress interrupted. "You did not seek Val-Kun's death, but destroyed him just the same! I did not seek pleasure with you that day, but, I did not fly from it. To send you into the fire god's lair with any doubts of your manly mettle would have left you vulnerable to him. It would have ill-served you, ..just as your dishonesty ill-serves me."

"I could not tell my king that I've laid with his sister ..and enjoyed it very much," Adam smiled, rolling onto his side and caressing one of the sorceress's breasts. "That I would lie with her again, if I could, ..and that a thousand thrashings could not keep me from lying with her. Is that bold enough for you, woman?"

The annoyed tone in Adam's voice bemused Boa'Na, and she smiled, unraveling the exotic fabric she had wrapped herself in. Then, moving closer to Adam. "You deceive your king to be with me, ..daring great punishment at his hand?"

"Yes!" the golden youth growled, pulling Boa'Na to him and kissing her hungrily. Titillating her ..and catching her sweet sighs in his mouth. "I would deceive the stars themselves to be with you. I would dare their fire to hold you ..and mock my gods to love you!"

"Take care, lover," the Sorceress laughed, teasing his lips with a soft kiss. "Especially with Fierce Heuay! Only the goddess knows, if it is love or lust between us. Only time will tell."

"I don't need time," sighed Adam, kissing her again. "I need you. My brothers tell me I don't know my place. Now, I've found it. It is here, ..lying with you. Don't send me away, Boa'Na. Please don't."

Hushing him with a caress, the immortal enchantress smiled, bringing the young Vulnarian between her legs. "When we make love, we are one with all creation. With all the universe. Take your place in my universe, Lord Adam."

Dedicated to my sweet, patient, beloved Charlotte. My first.

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