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The BITTER ROSE TRILOGY by Full Fallen Moon

In the ruins of mythical Gorlot, He-Man and the son of Evilseed fight to survive the cruel death-games of Eternia's forgotten war gods,..and the Bitter Rose Trilogy begins! These three tales--Mountain of Hyacles, Night of the Sorceress and The Bitter Rose Quest--were adapted from the first and best of Fallen's dark He-Man romances.  ENTER



Since Tri-Klops's rape and murder of his beloved mate, Dera, He-Man of the Vulnarians has longed for vengeance. Now, he's going to get it in this violent sequel to In Remembrance!  ENTER



Young Adam returns to the Sorceress's lair for answers to questions he might've asked in Adam and Sword, if he hadn't been so busy losing his bloody virginity. Will he get the truth, or will Boa'Na remain a mystery?  ENTER


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